b'Plus (+) Series are highly engineered tools designed to perform in specific applications and environments.Paint-Riter+ Ultra VioletVisible in UV lightMakes clear, invisible marks that illuminate bright bluewhen viewed with an ultraviolet or black lightInvisible paint formula is ideal for security, theft-prevention, and quality controlFast-drying formula reduces smearingCase Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 30s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION97054 Visible Blue Paint-Riter+ CertifiedNuclear and military pre-certifiedIdeal for use on stainless steel or superalloys in industries that require prevention against corrosion, pitting, or degradationCertified to meet the following U.S.A. and international specifications:EDF PMUCMIL - STD-2041DU.S. DOE RDT F-7-3T (expired)U.S. Navy C3070Case Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 30s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96880 White* 96883 Black*96881 Yellow* 96884 Blue*96882 Red* 96885 Green*Paint-Riter+ AerospacePaint markers designed for the Aerospace IndustryBatch certified formulas meet stringent aerospace GE D50TF8 and Rolls-Royce EMS 56752 specificationsFast drying, long lasting and wear/weather resistant liquid paint formulaValve-actuated nibs for better controlled flowDurable metal barrels offer large paint capacityCase Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 46s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96892 White* 96894 Red*96893 Yellow* 96895 Black*7 Liquid Paint Markers'