b'NEW PRODUCTS NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2021Paint-RiterPAINT-RITER PAINT-RITERAerospaceWater-BasedWindow MarkerSpecially designed forGeneral purpose markerBright marks that are performance in theideal for making clear,easily removed with water Aerospace Industry bold markings and leave no ghostingFEATURES & BENEFITS: FEATURES & BENEFITS: FEATURES & BENEFITS: Batch certified formulas meet Fast-drying, permanent paint Removable on any non-porous surface:stringent GE D50TF8 andfor immediate handling reducesWrites on glass, steel, aluminum, Rolls-Royce EMS 56752 specificationswork downtimeplastic and rubberValve-actuated nibs for better Xylene-free paint reduces user health Easy removal with water and a cloth controlled flow risks and eliminates California Prop- (or run the car through car wash)Industrial-grade markerosition 65, EPA HAPS and SARA 313 Fabric nib wont scratch delicate surfacesleaves long-lasting andconcerns in the U.S.A.wear/weather-resistant marks.Low VOC provides a safer marking toolMarking range: Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C) 40F to 150F(4C to 66C)96892zWhite 97400zWhite 97450zYellow96893zYellow 97401zYellow 97451zGreen96894zRed 97402zRed 97452zOrange96895zBlack 97403zBlack 97453zPink97404zOrange 97454zBlue97405zBlue 97455zPurple97406zGreen97407zPurple97410zPink'