b'36GENERAL PURPOSE MARKERSMark Size 3mm Mark Size 3mmChina MarkerCarpenters Pencil Paper-wrapped marker,Precise wood andgrease pencil concrete marking Low-cost, general purpose marker for Economical pencil for clean, accurate smooth writing on most surfaces marks on wood, concrete and otherMoisture-resistant marker, can be usedsurfaceseffectively in most climatesFlat marker design prevents rolling onNo sharpening required; pull string andwork tablesunwrap paperAvailable in soft, medium, and hard lead to fit the surface needs Length: 17.8cmCase Quantity 72 Case Quantity 144Part No.Color Part No.Lead96010zWhite 96927Hard96011zYellow 96928Medium96012zRed 96929Soft96013zBlack96014zCrimson96015zBlue96016zGreen'