b'Our most versatile and economic marker combines the durability of real paint in the convenience of a crayon.Paintstik Original B Multi-purpose permanent markingReal paint for long-lasting, highly-visible marksSuperior marking on rough, rusty, or dirty surfacesWeather and UV-resistant for long-lasting marksStandard Fine17mm 9.5mmHEX JUMBOCase Quantity: 144-50F TO 13mm 25.4mm 12h 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION80220 White* 80224 Orange 80228 Purple 80233 Silver 82835 Fluor. Blue 80421 Yellow / Fine80221 Yellow 80225 Blue 80229 Brown 82831 Fluor. Yellow 82836 Fluor. Green 80250 White / HEX*80222 Red 80226 Green 80230 Gray 82832 Fluor. Red 82842 Fluor. Pink 80251 Yellow / HEX80223 Black 80227 Pink 80232 nAluminum 82834 Fluor. Orange 80420 White / Fine* 80260 White / JUMBO*Paintstik Rough SurfaceFor marking very rough surfacesSoft solid paint for easier marking on rough or colder surfacesMarks withstand prolonged immersion in water for longmark lifeEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard holder protects Paintstik for maximum useWeather and UV-resistant-50 TO 17mm 12h 150F Case Quantity: 144 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION80620 White80621 Yellow80623 BlackPaintstik High IntensityHigh-intensity color markingHigh-intensity colors for coding, identification, layout, and assembly workDurable weather and UV-resistant marksEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard holder protects Paintstikfor maximum useStandard JUMBOSize Size0F TO 17mm 25.4mm 12h 150F Case Quantity: 144 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION88620 White 88625 Blue88621 Yellow 88640 White / JUMBO88624 Orange3 Solid Paint Markers'