b'4Liquid Paint MarkersMade in AmericaProducts listed with this symbol are made in the USA with the highest attention to quality13Ink Markersand dependability. 17Solid Paint MarkersXy Xylene-Free 25Hot Surface Markers 3Xylene-Free paint formulas reduce user health risks and eliminate Ca lifornia TABLE OF CONTENTSProposition 65, EPA HAPS and SARA 30Holders 313 concerns in the U.S.A.VOC Low VOC 33General PurposeMarkersA Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is a type38Lumber and Timber Markersof potentially harmful gas emitted by certainsolids or liquids, hurting indoor air quality.42Welding MarkersProducts with this symbol emit less amounts of harmful VOCs than other industrial paint markers. 44Temperature Indicating ProductsCOR 49ElectronicsLow Corrosion ColorsIdeal for stainless steel and alloy metals, our Low Corrosion markers have low levels of 50Temperature Indicating Labelschlorides, halogens, and sulfur to protect against unwanted degradation, pitting, or53Pipe Thread Sealantsgeneral weakening of materials. For more information see our Low CorrosionMarker Guide. 57Fluxes59Heat Barrier Products61Repair Sealants63Lubricants and Rust Penetrants65Leak Detectors66Specialty Coatings'