b'31HOLDERS102K 106 107Long metal holder Dual holder for lumberMetal holder for small crayons and carpenterdiameter solid paint Long holder length protects the userpencils crayons from dangerous heat Fast button advancing for highproduction, even with heavy- Dual design for easy use of two markers Dependable holder protects fine size duty gloves for quick marking on multiple surfaces Markal Paintstiks for long work life Designed for use with the following Easy-to-adjust locking rings securely Easy-to-use, push-button designMarkal hot surface solid paint markers:hold markers reduces work downtimeK, HT-75, HT King size, HT-34Bright yellow color makes for easyFor safe distance marking, 0.6m and King size on-the-job identification 0.9m extensions are available for For safe distance marking, 0.6mDesigned for use with the followingspecial orderand 0.9m extensions are available Markal markers: lumber crayons 200, Designed for use with the following for special order 500, Pro-EX, and carpenter pencils Markal solid paint markers: B 3/8,FAST-DRY 3/8, and WS-3/8 Case Quantity 12 Case Quantity 12 Case Quantity 12Part No.Length Part No.Length Part No.Length8520018.4cm 8540112.7cm 8530014cm'