b'FLUXRegular Flux PasteSoldering flux for copperWater-soluble paste wont leave residue in water pipingMeets industry standard ASTM B813 and contains no zinc chloride to reduce corrosion concernsNon-acid, non-toxic, and lead-free to eliminate safety concernsUP TO 350FPART NO.DESCRIPTIONCASE QUANTITYPART NO.DESCRIPTIONCASE QUANTITY22101 2 oz. 48221071 lb.24 221044 oz.48 221944 oz. Brush-in-cap48M-A Flux Liquid*Stainless steel flux liquidFast-fluxing action for stainless steel and chromeContains no heavy metal chlorides, preventing potential flux damageUP TO 350F PART NO.DESCRIPTIONCASE QUANTITY 23913 1 qt.12*Do not use on potable water tubingFluxes 6'