b'46TEMPERATURE INDICATING PRODUCTSTempstik Test Kit Certified ThermomeltTemperature indicatorNuclear pre-certifiedand reference kit Certified to meet the following U.S.A.20 Tempilstik indicators systematicallyand international specifications:spaced between 125F(52C) EDF PMUCMIL - STD-2041D-800F(427C) U.S. DOE RDT F-7-3T (expired) Stick melts at designated temperatureU.S. Navy C3070for easy and immediate visualEngineered to meet:inspection with +/-1% accuracy 200 ppm total halogens Includes Preheating and Basic Guide250 ppm each low melting point metalsto Ferrous Metallurgy charts for quick300 ppm total low melting point metals reference of critical temperatures 200 ppm sulfur Calibration free with 100% reliabilityIndividual lot analysis and certification available at www.markal.com/certified for quick, accurate reference Protective holder, shirt-clip and adjustment ring prevents breakage and improves handlingCORCase Quantity 20 Case Quantity 12Part No.Description Part No.FC28600 Test Kit/20 Sticks 891001003889125 1255289150150668917517579892002009389225225107892502501218927527513589300 3001488932532516389350 35017789375375191894004002048942542521889450 4502328947547524689500500260 WARNING: Cancer - 89525525274www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. 8955055028889650650343'