b'20SOLID PAINT MARKERSMark Size 17mm Mark Size Standard 17mm, King 25.4mmMark Size 17mmBL-W Paintstik E PaintstikF PaintstikBleeds through High-intensity colorFluorescent colorwater-based paintsmarking marking Marks bleed through water-basedHigh-intensity colors for coding, identifi-Vibrant colors for improved visibilityprimers or paints cation, layout, and assembly workFluorescent marks glow under UV orUsed for inspection, coding, layout or Durable weather- and UV-resistantblack lightassembly operations marksEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboardEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard Easy-to-hold, recyclable paperboardholder protects Paintstik forholder protects Paintstik for holder protects Paintstik for maximum usemaximum use maximum use Durable weather- and UV-resistant marksVOC Xy VOC Xy VOC XyCase Quantity 144 Case Quantity 144 Case Quantity 72Part No.Color Part No.ColorSize Part No.Color80735zBlue 88620zWhiteStandard 82831zYellow88621zYellowStandard 82832zRed88624zOrangeStandard 82834zOrange88625zBlueStandard 82835zBlue88640zWhiteKing 82836zGreen82842zPinkS Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C) S Marking range: 0F to 150F (-18C to 66C) S Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C)'