b'30HOLDERS100102Wooden holder Adjustable metal holder Durable wooden holder protects the Durable metal holder promotes long marker during use for long marking life work-life for all standard 1.7cm sizeAdjustable metal ring secures marker Markal solid paint crayonsin holderAdjustable mechanism easily advancesDesigned for use with the following Markal hot surface solid paint markers:paint crayonH, HT, HT-34, HT-40, X-5 Designed for use with the following Markal standard size solid paintcrayons: B, B-E, B-L, BL-W, E, F, M, M-10, N, PFor safer distance marking, 0.6m and 0.9m extensions are available forspecial orderCase Quantity 12Part No.Length Case Quantity 128550010.2cm Part No.Length8510015.2cm'