b'Paint-Riter+ Oily SurfaceFor oily surface markingUnique paint formula resists spreading and dries quickly through oily surfaces to leave precise, permanent marksDurable metal barrel and nib reduce breakage for longer marking life.Easy-to-grip clip-cap allows for convenient pocket storage.Case Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 30s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96960 White* 96963 Black*96966 Green96971 Light Blue* 96974 Purple 96961 Yellow*96964 Orange96967 Silver* 96972 Gold 96975 Brown* 96962 Red*96965 Blue*96970 Light Green96973 Pink* Paint-Riter+ Rough SurfaceFor rough surfaces and extreme durabilityEngineered for continuous and highly-visible marking on rough, rusty, and dirty surfacesEnamel paint formula for enhanced abrasion resistanceDurable metal barrel and clip-cap reduce breakage and store easily in pocketCase Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 30s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION97250 White*97253 Black*97256 Orange* 97251 Yellow*97254 Blue* 97262 Purple 97252 Red*97255 Green* 97263 Brown*Paint-Riter+ Wet SurfaceFor wet surface markingSpecially formulated paint resists running or spreading on wet or damp surfaces to leave permanent, highly-visible marksMetal barrel and durable fiber tip provide long marking lifeFast-drying, permanent paint reduces work downtimeCase Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 30s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96930 White* 96933 Black*96936 Orange* 96931 Yellow* 96934 Blue* 96932 Red*96935 Green* 9 Liquid Paint Markers'