b'51TEMPERATURE INDICATING LABELSLabel Size 23mm x 45mmLabel Size 12mm x 13mmSeries 4 TempilabelSeries 21 Tempilabel Four-Level, Irreversible Single-Level, Irreversible Four temperature readings per labelExcellent accuracy to +/- 2% of the Fahrenheit ratingfor max/min applicationTemperature range from 100F (38C)-500F (260C) Excellent accuracy to +/- 2% of the Single-way color changeFahrenheit ratingPermanent record for inspection and quality control Temperature range from 100F (38C)Calibration-freeto 360F (182C)Oil-, water- and steam-resistant Permanent record for inspection and quality control Calibration-free Oil-, water- and steam-resistantPart NumberTemperature Range Part NumberTemp. Range Part NumberTemp. RangePack of 10Roll of 1,000 Pack of 210Roll of 1,000Pack of 210Roll of 1,0002670026750F100110120130 2625026275F100 2626226286F220C38434954 C38 C10426709F120130140150 2625126276F110 2626326287F230C49546066 C43 C11026701F130140150160 2625226277F120 2626426295F240C49 C116C54606671 2625426278F130 2626526288F2502670226751F170180190200 C54 C121C77828893 2625526279F140 2626626289F26026703F190200210220 C60 C127C889399104 2625626280F160 2626726290F27026705F330340350360 C71 C132C166171177182 26257F170 2626826291F28026706F125150175200 C77 C138C52667993 2625826282F180 2626926292F290C82 C14326707F100150200250 2625926283F190 2627026293F300C386693121 C88 C1492670826752F200250300350 2626026284F200 2627126294F400C93121149177 C93 C2042626126285F210 2627226296F500C99 C 260'