b'23SOLID PAINT MARKERSMark Size 12.7mmLacquer-Stik TYRE MARQUE Nissen by MarkalFor filling-in stamped orTemporary tire marking Low Corrosion engraved lines Solid Paint Marker Low corrosion solid paintHighlighter, fill-in paint provides bold, Smooth marking on rough or dirty in durable holderbright colors for even the smallestsurfaces for bold, visible marksengravingsMarks easily on wet or cold rubber Rubs in and wipes off easily, driessurfacesIdeal for use on stainless steel or quickly super alloys in industries that requirePaint stays flexible, expands and prevention against corrosion, pittingcontracts with the surfaceEliminates need for fiber tip, perfect forNo mess or waste, eliminates almost any surface; smooth, rough, or dripping paint rusty Mark temperature resistance:Typical properties:up to 500F (260C) n200 ppm chlorides and total halogens Meets U.S.A. federal specification n300 ppm each low melting point metalsTT-F-325a I and MIL-STD 171, n200 ppm sulfurFinish No. 30.1.1, Type IFast-drying formula leaves wear-, weather-, and UV-resistant marksVOC Xy VOC Xy VOC XyCase Quantity 144 Case Quantity 144 Case Quantity 144Part No.Color Part No.Color Part No.Color51120zWhite 51420zWhite 28760zWhite51121zYellow51421zYellow 28761zYellow51122zRed 28762zRed51123zBlack 28763zBlack51131zGoldS Marking range: 0F to 392F (-18C to 200C) S Marking range: -50F to 50F (-6C to 66C)'