b'Plus (+) Series are highly engineered tools designed to perform in specific applications and environments.Paintstik+ Lacquer Fill-InFor filling-in stamped or engraved linesMeets U.S.A. federal specification TT-F-325a I andMIL-STD 171, Finish No. 30.1.1, Type IMark temperature resistance: up to 500F (260C)Paint stays flexible, expands and contracts with the surfaceRubs in and wipes off easily, dries quickly0F TO 12h 500F Case Quantity: 144 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION51120 White51123 Black51131 GoldPaintstik+ Non-Bleed ThruMarks will not show through top coat of paintMarks will not show through top coat of primer or finished layer of paintIdeal for shipbuilding or other metal fabricationSolid paint formula designed for marking on wet, dry, oily, rusty, icy, smooth, or rough surfacesEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard holder protects Paintstik for maximum use-50F TO 17mm 12h 150F Case Quantity: 144 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION82120 WhitePaintstik+ Water Removable FineWater-soluble, removableWater-soluble for easy removal before production or finishingSmaller diameter for finer line markingIdeal for temporary marking on nonporous surfacesEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard holder protectsPaintstik for maximum useCase Quantity: 144-20F TO 9.5 mm 12h 130F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION82420 White 82423 Black82421 Yellow82422 Red*Indicates that this marker color is low in chlorides, halogens, and sulfurs for low corrosion marking requirements. WARNING: This product can expose you to one or more chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, got to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'