b'52 TEMPERATURE INDICATING LABELSTempilabel Reversible ThermaxReversible Temperature Irreversible Temperature Indicating Strip Labels Excellent accuracy of +/- 2% of the Fahrenheit ratingMultiple and single temperature LCD technology for real-time, accurateconfiguration availablereadings as temperature fluctuatesExcellent accuracy to +/- 2% of theTemperature range from 86F (30C)Fahrenheit rating-248F (120C)Temperature range from 84F(29C) Calibration-free to 500F(260C) Oil-, water- and steam-resistantSingle-way color change Permanent record for inspection and quality control Calibration-free Oil-, water- and steam-resistantLabel Size 13mm x 44mmPart No.Temperature Range 5 LevelPack of 10 Label Size 18mm x 39mm26901F8695104113122131140 Part No.Temperature RangeC30354045505560 Pack of 1026903F140149158167176185194 26518F99104109115120C60657075808590 C374043464926519F120129140149160C495460657126536F849399104108C29343740426 LevelLabel Size 12mm x 32mmPack of 1026602F849399104108111C2934374042448 LevelLabel Size 18mm x 51mmPack of 1026803F106171180190199210219230C71778288939910411026807F320331340351360370379390C16016617117718218819319926809F399410421435450466480489 500C204210216224232241249254 26010 LevelLabel Size 18mm x 1mmPack of 1026101F99104111 115120129 140 144 149 160C37404446495460626571'