b'LEAK DETECTORSEZ BREAK Copper and Nickel GradeAnti-seize compoundEZ BREAK Copper is approved for use in food processing plantsLubricates and protects nuts and bolts, making disassembly easy, even after years of serviceResists galling, rust and corrosion so your metal parts wont freeze upCOPPER NICKELUP TOUP TO 1800F 2600F Surfaces:PART NO.DESCRIPTIONGRADECASE QUANTITY PART NO.DESCRIPTIONGRADECASE QUANTITY PART NO.DESCRIPTIONGRADECASE QUANTITY08907 16 oz. Brush-in-capCOPPER240891614 oz. AerosolCOPPER12 089718 oz. Brush-in-capNICKEL24 0891010 oz. Brush-in-capCOPPER2408969425 lbs.COPPERDrum 0897216 oz. Brush-in-capNICKEL24Sure-chek Leak detector sprayHandy spray bottle allows for easy, targeted applicationUltra-sensitive long lasting bubbles for easy leak identificationNon-corrosive, non-toxic, safe for oxygen-55F TO 200F Surfaces:PART NO.DESCRIPTIONCASE QUANTITY 32850 1 pt.24Visu-Glow High-visibility leak detectorBuilt-in dauber and high viscosity allow for easy applicationHighly-visible fluorescent color shows brightly, even in dimly lit placesNon-corrosive, non-toxic, safe for oxygen15F TO 200F Surfaces:PART NO.DESCRIPTIONCASE QUANTITY32898 8 fl. oz.with dauber 24 Warning: This product can expose you to one or more chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.govLeak Detectors 4'