b'62REPAIR SEALANTSHEAT-SEAL STIK EPOXY-STIK Oyltite-Stik Premixed epoxy sealer Epoxy repair compoundEpoxy repair compound for water piping systems for low pressure Sealing temperature: up to equipment350F (177C)Withstands temperatures up to Pressure: to 600 PSI (41 BAR) 250F (121C) Repair pinhole leaks and get refriger-Hardens in 5-10 minutes and cures Pressure to 15 PSI (1 BAR)ation system running again withoutfully in 24 hours, enabling the system Stops leaks fast for temporary repair of having to replace an entire appliance to be up and running again in no time oil and gasoline leaks No mixing of epoxy compounds, heat Can be applied under water for sub-Apply directly to the fuel tank without activation saves time on the job merged pipe leaks draining, less time is spent stopping Fast repairs completed in 90 secondsAfter one hour can be drilled, tapped,the leakfiled, sawed, sanded, and painted - allowing the job to be easily finished in little timeCase Quantity 12 Case Quantity 24 Case Quantity 24Part No.Description Part No.Description Part No.Description11575*HEAT-SEAL STIK 19571 Epoxy-Stik 11475Oyltite-Stik11577Carded'