b'39LUMBER/TIMBER MARKERSMark Size 12.7mm Mark Size 12.7mm Mark Size 12.7mmLumber Crayon 200Lumber Crayon 500 Pro-EXEconomical, wax-based Clay-based Premium, clay-based Known in construction trades as keel Known in construction trades as keel Stronger formula for reduced breakage or layout chalk or layout chalk and longer marking life Formulated for weather- and fade- Clay-based formula provides longer Superior performance on wet, frozen, or resistant marking on most surfaces marking mileage treated wood Special softer formula allows forSpecial harder formula allows forClay-based formula for smooth,superior marking in cold climates superior marking in hot climates fast markingCase Quantity 144 Case Quantity 144 Case Quantity 144Part No.Color Part No.Color Part No.Color80350zWhite 80320zWhite 80379zBrown80351zYellow 80321zYellow 80380zWhite80352zRed 80322zRed 80381zYellow80353zBlack 80323zBlack 80382zRed80354zOrange 80324zOrange 80383zBlack80355zBlue 80325zBlue 80384zOrange80356zGreen 80326zGreen80385zBlue80358zPurple 80328zPurple 80386zGreenWARNING: Cancer -www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.S Marking range: -20F to 150F (-29C to 66C) S Marking range: -20F to 150F (-29C to 66C) S Marking range: -20F to 150F (-29C to 66C)'