b'32HOLDERS108 109 Peterson 111 Metal holder for Wood holder for Extra-long metal holderhex-shaped markers hex-shaped lumberand timber markersThe longest metal holder for hot Heavy-duty metal holder helps preventsurface markingbreakage, reducing costsDurable, push-button metal holder isPush-button advancing reducesAdjustable locking ring keeps markerseasy to use, even with heavy-duty downtime for increased productivity in place during use gloves Comfortable leather wrist strap fits over Designed for use with the followingComfortable leather wrist strap helpsgloves and reduces dropping Markal hot surface solid paint markers: prevent dropping Designed for use with the followingH, HT, HT-34, HT-40, X-5Designed for use with all 1.3cm Markal Markal markers: SCAN-IT Plus 1.3cm For safe distance marking, 0.6m and hex-shaped markers: lumber crayons200, 500, Pro-EX, and Tyre Marquehex and other hex-shaped Markal 0.9m extensions are available for For safe distance marking, 0.6m andmarkers special order0.9m extensions are available forFor extended marking distance, a 0.9m special order extension is available for special orderCase Quantity 12 Case Quantity 12 Case Quantity 12Part No.Length Part No.Length Part No.Length8540015.2cm 8549012.7cm 8570028cm'