b'40LUMBER/TIMBER MARKERSMark Size 17mmFluorescent ULTRASCANScanning Chalk High-performance crayon for grade mark readersRich and highly-visible marksBright colors provide the highest fluorescent response of any lumber grading marker Maximum character recognition and accuracy for the lowest possible reject rates Each batch is tested to meet the specifications for Lucidyne ColorScan andLong-lasting marks on wet or frozenNewnes-McGehee grade mark readerslumber and timberUnique formula provides excellent writing on wet and green lumber, even with Finer in texture and richer in color fungicide coating Better lay-down capability26 colors for superior color separation compared to competitive fluorescentwax crayons Specifically developed for Lucidyne, Newnes-McGehee and Cypress grade mark readers One hardness for all temperatures, eliminates duplicate inventory Dramatically longer use, provides up to 4X the writing life of competitive crayonsCase Quantity 144 Case Quantity 72 Case Quantity 72Part No.Color Part No.Color Part No.Color80560 zFluorescent Magenta 82430zBrick Red 11 82450zBlue Green 7080561zFluorescent Orange 82431zMagenta 21 82457zLight Blue 8180562 zFluorescent Yellow Green 82432zRed Orange 31 82452zRoyal Blue 8080564zFluorescent Green 82433zOrange 41 82451zBright Pink 9180565zFluorescent Purple 82434zBerry 51 82459zBright Orange 4482435zLime 61 82461zSpring Green 7182436zBurgundy 12 82462zDark Brown 5582439zDark Orange 42 82463zGolden Rod 5482440zBrown 52 82466zPurple 2482441zGreen 62 82467zBright Red 3482442zRust 13 82468zNeon Orange 103Warning: This product can expose82446zYellow Orange 53 82469zTan 45you to chemicals includingSilicon Dioxide82447zYellow 63 82470zTangerine 03(CAS#14808-60-7), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.'