b'PENCILSChina MarkerPaper-wrapped marker, grease pencilLow-cost, general purpose marker for smooth writing on most surfacesMoisture-resistant marker, can be used effectively in most climatesNo sharpening required; pull string and unwrap paper3mm Case Quantity: 72 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96010 White 96013 Black96011 Yellow 96015 Blue96012 Red 96016 GreenCarpenters PencilPrecise wood and concrete markingEconomical pencil for clean, accurate marks on wood, concreteand other surfacesFlat marker design prevents rolling on work tablesAvailable in medium and hard lead to fit the surface needsLength: 17.8cm3mm Case Quantity: 144 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96927 Hard96928 Medium5 General Purpose Markers'