b'64LUBRICANTSLUBRI-JOINTCutting OilPrecision Spout Oiler Water dispersible For hand tools and General purposegasket lubricant high-speed thread lubricating oilcutting machines FBC System CompatibleSpecial telescoping spout lubricatesIdeal for lubricating rubber gaskets,Two cutting oils in one, eliminating thehard-to-reach areas up to 14" awaypromoting proper expansion, and need for multiple cutting oils for low-Premium grade oil is excellent for all ensuring correct fit speed and high-speed thread cutting general purpose lubricating Suitable for all types of pipelines, Combines the best properties of dark including PVC and soil pipe, so only oneand light cutting oils with sulfur and brand of gasket lubricant is needed other additives to provide superior heatNon-bacterial, non-petroleum, no protection for costly cutting diesobjectionable odorFor use on many types of metals: steel,Can be applied to wet or dry surfaces,brass, copper, black iron, wrought iron, making preparation easy and galvanized iron Will not deteriorate natural or synthetic rubber, plastic gasket, or cast iron pipeCase Quantity 12 Case Quantity 6 Case Quantity 24Part No.Size Part No.Size Part No.Size787131 qt. 734141 gal. 797044 fl. oz.'