b'LUBRICANTSLubri-Joint Water dispersible gasket lubricantFBC System CompatibleIdeal for lubricating rubber gaskets, promoting proper expansion, and ensuring correct fitSuitable for all types of pipelines, including PVC and soil pipe, so only one brand of gasket lubricant is neededSurfaces:PART NO.SIZECASE QUANTITY78713 1 qt.12Cutting OilFor hand tools and high-speed thread cutting machinesTwo cutting oils in one, eliminating the need for multiple cutting oils for lowspeed and high-speed thread cuttingCombines the best properties of dark and light cutting oils with sulfur and other additives to provide superior heat protection for costly cutting diesSurfaces:PART NO.SIZECASE QUANTITY73414 1 gal.6Precision Spout OilerGeneral purpose lubricating oilSpecial telescoping spout lubricates hard-to-reach areas up to 14 awayPremium grade oil is excellent for all general purpose lubricatingPART NO.SIZECASE QUANTITY79704 4 fl. oz.24Plasto-Joint Stik Not to use on oxygen system servicePlastic thread sealant in a stickDesigned for superior sealing of plastic pipe threadsPressures: 300 PSI (20 BAR) for gas; 500 PSI (34 BAR) for liquidUP TO 250F Surfaces:PART NO.DESCRIPTIONCASE QUANTITY11775 Plasto-Joint Stik243 Lubricants'