b'9LIQUID PAINT MARKERSMark Size 1.5mm Mark Size 5mm, 8mm or 14mm Mark Size 3mmPRO-LINE Fine PRO-MAX BALL PAINT MARKERFor precision marking Extra-large liquid Metal roller ball markerpaint marker Fine tip size for precise, permanent Durable metal-ball tip resists wear and paint markingLargest marks available (up to 14mm)clogging for long-marking life on High-strength, lightweight barrelin an industrial paint marker rough surfacesdesigned for industrial-grade useExtra-large tip ideal for signage orNon-drip paint formula allows for easySelf-storing cap with clip protects tip forsafety marking where immediate jobsite markinglonger life and stores easily in pocket identification is requiredIndustrial paint withstands harsh Valve-actuated tip releases paint on-environments and weather conditionsdemand for smooth, continuous useSturdy plastic bottle with 3mm steelDurable barrel resists breakage andball tipself-storing cap fits snugly on end when Plastic cap keeps tip cleannot in use between jobsXy Xy Xy CORCase Quantity 48 Case Quantity 24 Case Quantity 48Part No.Color Part No.Color Part No.ColorFine 90900zWhite 84620zWhite*96871zWhite 90901zYellow 84621zYellow*96872zYellow 90902zRed 84622zRed*96873zBlack 90903zBlack 84623zBlack*96874zRed 90904zOrange 84624zOrange96875zBlue 90905zBlue 84625zBlue96876zGreen 90914zPurple 84626zGreen96877zOrange90915zGray96878zPink 90917zBrown96879zLight Green 90918zPink S Marking range: 0F to 150F (-18C to 66C) S Marking range: 0F to 150F (-18C to 66C) S Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C)*Indicates that this marker color is low in chlorides, halogens, and sulfurs for low corrosion marking requirements.'