b'Paint-Riter Valve ActionFor general markingFast-drying, permanent paint for immediate handling reduces work downtimeDura-Nib medium bullet tip resists wear to provide longmarking lifeDurable metal barrel and clip-cap reduce breakage and store easily in pocketCase Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 30s 150F Surfaces:PART NO.DESCRIPTION96809nBrown*96821 nYellow*96824 nOrange*96827 nGold*96832 nAluminum*97051 n Fluor. Green96817nPurple* 96822nRed*96825nBlue*96828nLight Green*96835nLight Blue* 97052nFluor. Orange 96820nWhite*96823nBlack*96826nGreen*96830nPink*97050nFluor. Yellow 97053nFluor. PinkPaint-Riter Water BasedBold marking where VOC issues are a concernFast-drying, permanent paint for immediate handling reduces work downtimeLow odor makes it great for indoor use and climate controlled facilitiesLow VOC provides a safer marking toolNine vibrant colors with excellent opacityCase Quantity: 4840 TO 3mm 90s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION97400 White* 97403 Black* 97406 Green97401 Yellow* 97404 Orange 97407 Purple97402 Red* 97405 Blue* 97410 PinkPaint-Riter Window MarkerCreate bright marks that are easily removedRemovable on any non-porous surface: Writes on glass, steel, aluminum, plastic and rubberDries quickly to avoid smudging or runningEasy removal with water and a cloth (or run the car through car wash)Fabric nib wont scratch delicate surfacesCase Quantity: 48-50F TO 3mm 25s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION97450 Yellow 97453 Pink97451 Green 97454 Blue97452 Orange 97455 Purple3 Liquid Paint Markers'