b'35GENERAL PURPOSE MARKERSMark Size 2.88mm Mark Size 3mm Mark Size 3mmMARKAL PRO TRADES-MARKER TRADES-MARKER WS Pro refills for generalMechanical Water-removable,purpose marking grease pencil mechanical grease pencilMarks on just about any surface; metal, Great for many surfaces including: Marks can be easily wiped away with plastic, glass, wood, paper, etc. smooth, rough, rusty, or dirty surfaces water, ideal for quality control and Break-resistant, extra-wide leadsMarks are rub- and weather-resistant,temporary marking needs For use only with Markal Pro Holder leaving a bold, permanent markGreat for many surfaces including:Refill size - : 2.8mm, L: 120mmMarker refills eliminate mess and papersmooth, rough, rusty, or dirty surfaceswaste of grease pencils, saving time Marker refills eliminate mess and paper and money waste of grease pencils, saving timeHolder maximizes complete use and moneyof markerDurable plastic holder helps preventDurable plastic holder helps preventbreakage and keeps hands andbreakage and keeps hands and clothing cleanclothing cleanPush-button advancing makes for easy,Push-button advancing makes for easy,one-handed useone-handed useCORCase Quantity: 12Part No.ColorCase Quantity Part No.ColorCase QuantityPart No.Color Blister Card: 1-holder/5 refills24 Starter Pack: 1-holder/12 refills696273z Graphite Refills 6 pack 96000Assorted 96190zWhite96274z Red Crayon Refills 6 pack Starter Pack: 1-holder/12 refills6 96191zYellow96130zWhite 96275z Yellow Crayon Refills 6 pack 96131zYellow 96192zBlack96276Multi-pack Refills 6 pack 96132zRed* 96193zRed96133zBlack* Refill Pack: 12 refills1296137zOrange 96180zWhiteRefill Pack: 12 refills12 96181zYellow96240zWhite 96182zBlack96241zYellow 96183zRed96242zRed* Bulk Pack: 1-holder/1 refill4896243zBlack*96247zOrange 96170zWhiteBulk Pack: 1-holder/1 refill48 96171zYellow96250zWhite 96172zBlack96251zYellow 96173zRed96253zRed*96252zBlack*96257zOrange*Indicates that this marker color is low in chlorides, halogens, and sulfurs for low corrosion marking requirements.'