b'19SOLID PAINT MARKERSMark Size Standard 17mm, Mark Size 17mm Mark Size 17mmFine 9.5mm, King 25.4mm Paintstik Original BB-E PaintstikB-L Paintstik Multi-purpose permanentFor marking very roughBleeds throughmarking surfaces oil-based paintsReal paint for long-lasting, highlySoft solid paint for easier marking on Marks bleed through solvent- orvisible marksrough or colder surfaces oil-based primers or paintsSuperior marking on rough, rusty, Marks withstand prolonged immersion Used for inspection, coding, layout or or dirty surfaces in water for long mark life assembly operations Weather- and UV-resistant for long- Easy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard Durable weather- and UV-resistant lasting marks holder protects Paintstik for marks Marking range: -50F to 150F maximum useTo prevent bleeding through the(-46C to 66C)Weather- and UV-resistant finished coat of paint, seal the markedMade in U.S.A. areas with water-based epoxy paintCOR VOC Xy VOC Xy VOC XyCase Quantity 144 Case Quantity 144 Case Quantity 144Part No.ColorSize Part No.Color Part No.Color80220zWhite*Standard 80620zWhite 80725zBlue80221zYellowStandard 80621zYellow80222zRedStandard 80622zRed80223zBlackStandard 80623zBlack80224zOrangeStandard80225zBlueStandard80226zGreenStandard80227zPinkStandard 80228zPurple Standard80229zBrownStandard80230zGrayStandard80231zGoldStandard80232zAluminumStandard80233zSilverStandard80821zFluor. YellowStandard80420zWhiteFine80421zYellowFine80260zWhiteKing80250zWhiteHex80251zYellowHexS Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C) S Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C) S Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C)'