b'58FLUXESRegular Flux PasteAluminum Flux Paste M-A Flux LiquidSoldering flux Solders aluminum at lowStainless steel flux liquidtemperatures Water-soluble paste wont leave residue Fast-fluxing action for stainless steel in water pipingLow-temperature soldering preventsand chrome Meets industry standard ASTM B813aluminum components from meltingContains no heavy metal chlorides, and contains no zinc chloride to reduce New aluminum HVAC components willpreventing potential flux damagecorrosion concerns not stall job completionDO NOT USE ON POTABLE WATER TUBING Non-acid, non-toxic, and lead-free to Resists electrolytic action betweeneliminate safety concerns aluminum and copper, preventing leak- Cleans pipe upon application, allowingage between dissimilar metalssolder to run more smoothly aroundthe pipe All-weather formula for use in hot and cold climatesVOC VOCPart No.SizeCase Quantity Case Quantity 24 Case Quantity 1222101 2 oz.48 Part No.SizePart No.Size 22104 4 oz.48 224071 lb.239131 qt. 22194 4 oz. Brush-in-cap4822107 1 lb.24'