b'SPECIALTY COATINGSTempils brand of specialty chemicals not only withstand use in some of the worlds toughest environments, they can offer added efficiency, protection, and value that other primers and paints cant.Bloxide Bloxide is a versatile, rust-preventive, weldable primer with a unique formula that can be applied to a wide range of metals, preventing the formation of rust and corrosion during extended periods of storage. Bloxide eliminates the need to clean metal surfaces before welding due to its enhanced corrosion preventative features, thus saving time and labor costs during fabrication. Bloxide is a completely weldable primer, also improving the weld quality after application, resulting in X-Ray quality welds.Weldable Primer Applications:Ideal for extended periods of outside steel storage Marine and offshore metal fabricationAbility to strike welding arc without removal Almost all steelsCan be sprayed, brushed or parts can be dipped into it. Primer for paints and coatingsUP TO 800F Surfaces:PART NO.DESCRIPTIONCASE QUANTITY241001 Gallon4 2410155 GallonDrum 241025 GallonPail 2410412 oz Aerosol Can (available in U.S. only)12Pyromark Pyromark is a silicone-based coating that is specifically formulated for protecting, decorating or color identifying metal surfaces that will be subjected to high temperatures. Pyromark provides long-lasting protection against oxidation and corrosion, and has excellent coverage characteristics with no blistering, chipping, cracking or peeling at rated temperatures.High Temperature Paint Applications:Silicone-based coating for long-lasting protectionSolar Absorbersagainst oxidation and corrosion Infrared Heaters/Boilers/Furnaces Ovens/ Improves heat transfer in infrared heating applicationsFireplace Accessories Mufflers/boat and auto enginesdue to high emissivity properties Radiators/StovesSolar absorptivity of 0.95 makes it an ideal black box absorberOnly use Pyromark Thinner to dilute or replace evaporated solvent1000 TO 2000F Surfaces:1000F (538C) 2000F (1093C)PART NO.DESCRIPTIONSIZE COLORCASE QUANTITY PART NO.DESCRIPTIONSIZE COLOR CASE QUANTITY25002 Series 12001 galFlat Black1 25010 Series 25001 galFlat Black125001 Series 12005 galFlat BlackPail25021 Series 12005 galFlat BlackPailWARNING: Cancer - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov7 Temperature Indicating Products'