b'43WELDING MARKERSSilver-Streak andSoapstone Markal PRO Welding Red-Riter WeldersTemporary marking RefillsPencilsReflective lead refills for For metal layout andTemporary marks can be easily welding and fabrication removedfabricationMarks will not contaminate weld orlayoutdamage metal surface The soapstone alternative: marksAvailable in three easy to hold shapes: Silver Streak Pro - Unique reflective lead resist torch flames; will not rub,flat, round and square perfect for welding and fabricatingburn or blow offHolders for flat and round shapes Red Riter Pro - Red lead perfect forDurable marks will not scratch orreduce breakage welding and fabricating on aluminum, abrade metal surfaces stainless steel and other light metals High-strength, hex-shaped pencilDurable and heat-resistant marks last reduces barrel roll unlike longer than soapstonecompetitive brandsIdeal for use on and safe for all metals;Pre-sharpened clean, oily, or rusty For use only with Markal Pro Holder Refill size - : 2.8mm, L: 120mmCase Quantity: 72 Part No.ShapeCase Quantity Case Quantity: 12Part No.Color 80129Flat432 Part No. 96100zRed 80130Round432 96271Silver-Streak PRO Refills 6 pack96101zSilver 80131Square432 96272Red-Riter PRO Refills 6 packHolder Case Quantity: 12 80140Flat12 Part No.80141 Round12 96270Holder *Indicates that this marker color is low in chlorides, halogens, and sulfurs for low corrosion marking requirements.'