b'Lumber crayons formulated for weather andfade resistant marking on most surfaces.Timberstik All PurposeEconomical, wax-basedKnown in construction trades as keel or layout chalkFormulated for weather and fade resistant markingon most surfacesSpecial softer formula allows for superior markingin cold climates-20F TO 12.7mm 150F Case Quantity: 144 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION80350 White 80353 Black 80356 Green80351 Yellow 80354 Orange80352 Red 80355 BlueTimberstik+ Pro GradeIdeal for hot or cold climatesStronger formula for reduced breakage and longermarking lifeSuperior performance on wet, frozen, or treated woodProfessional-grade formula makes bold and bright marks-20F TO 14mm 150F Case Quantity: 144 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION80380 White 80383 Black80381 Yellow 80385 Blue80382 Red 80386 Green4 Lumber & Timber Markers'