b'NEW PRODUCTS FOR 2021 NEW PRODUCTSFormerly Nissen Solid Paint Marker. Same formula, now with improved functionality.PAINT-RITER + Quik Stik + Quik Stik+ Safety Colors Oily Surface Oily Surface MiniDurable marks forIntroducing the only premium solid paint marker safety identification in its category that writes on oily and wet surfacesFEATURES & BENEFITS: FEATURES & BENEFITS: Colors formulated to meet OSHA and ANSI Industrial-grade paint formula for exceptional performance safety color specs when dried on oily and wet surfaces. Also writes on dry, smooth or rough surfaces Weather resistant formula for Fast-drying, vibrant paint marks dry in 30 seconds to 1 minute indoor/outdoor use on dry surfaces - does not smear whenover stacking Valve-actuated nibs provide Twist-up knob (push advance on mini) easily advances permanent continuous marking on smooth,solid paint to keep hands, clothing and toolboxes cleanrusty and rough surfacesWeather and UV-resistant for long lasting marks Clip-Grip caps allow for easy storage and NEW Easy Grip Airtight Cap for convenient pocket storage, self-storing handling,even with work gloves cap keeps the marker clean and fresh between uses Precise marking for easy touch-up Marking range: -50F to 150F (-46C to 66C)of safety signageMade in U.S.A.97271zYellow 28880zWhite 8770zWhite 97272zRed 28881zYellow 28771zYellow97274zOrange 28882zRed 28772zRed97275zBlue 28883zBlack 28773zBlack92776zGreen 28774zBlue228775zGreen28776zFluor. Yellow'