b'Perfect for marking through holes or in other tight areas. Uses a long needle-nose tip to mark in hard-to-reach spots.Markal Pro HolderMechanical holder for hard-to-reach areasExtended, needle-nose tip for tight and hard-to-reach areasHeavy-duty metal construction for use in the toughest jobsEasily refillable for continued use and built-in sharpener for precise marks1x graphite lead included with holder2.88mm Case Quantity: 12 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96270 HolderMarkal Pro RefillsPro refills for general purpose markingMarks on just about any surface; metal, plastic, glass, wood, paper, etc.Break-resistant, extra-wide leadsFor use only with Markal Pro HolderRefill size - : 2.8mm, L: 120mm2.88mm Case Quantity: 12 Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION96273 Graphite Refills 6 Pack 96275 Yellow Crayon Refills 6 Pack96274 Red Crayon Refills 6 Pack 96276 Multi-pack Refills 6 Pack3 General Purpose Markers'