b'26HOT SURFACE MARKERSH HT HT-34 HT-40 HT-75 K X-5 220012002100115020001100190010501800980Fast-drying marks are permanent and 1700930 will not run, char, flow, discolor, peel or crack1600870Lasts longer, up to 3X the writing life of 1500820 hot chalk140076013007001200650 Industry UsesForge and casting foundries1100600 Steel mills and warehouses1000540 Aluminum millsSmelting mills900480 Glass industry800430700370 Surface UsesCoils600320 Billets and bars500260 Castings and pigs400200 Ingots and platesRails and beams300150 Glass2501202009015070120501004050100-20-50-50Fahrenheit Celsius'