b'Mark virtually any surface with vibrant, fast-drying paint. Keep hands, clothing and toolboxes clean with a convenient twist-up solid paint marker.Quik Stik All Purpose Fast-drying solid paint in twist-up holderFast-drying vibrant paint marks on virtually any surface: wet, smooth, rough, or hotEasy Grip Airtight Cap for convenient pocket storage, self-storing cap keeps the marker clean and fresh between usesSolid paint marker advances and retracts by turning twist-up knobCase Quantity: 7213mm 5-7m 0F TO 392F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION61049 Red 61053 Yellow 61071 Orange 61042 Fluor. Green61050 Black 61069 Green 61073 Purple 61043 Fluor. Orange61051 White 61070 Blue 61041 Fluor. Yellow 61044 Fluor. PinkQuik Stik All Purpose MiniFast-drying solid paint in compact twist-up holderMarks on virtually any surface; wet, smooth, rough or hotSolid paint marker advances and retracts by turning twist-up knobCompact plastic holder with clip-cap stores easily in pocket and keeps hands and clothing cleanCase Quantity: 480F TO 8mm 5-7m 392F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION61126 White 61128 Red61127 Yellow 61129 BlackQuik Stik+ Oily Surface & MiniPremium solid paint marker that writes onoily and wet surfacesIndustrial-grade paint formula for exceptional performance on oily and wet surfaces. Also writes on dry, smooth or rough Twist-up knob (push advance on mini) easily advances permanent solid paint to keep hands, clothing andtoolboxes cleanStandard MiniCase Quantity: 48-50F TO 13mm 8mm 30s 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION28880 White28882 Red 28770 White / Mini 28772 Red / Mini28881 Yellow 28883 Black 28771 Yellow / Mini 28773 Black / Mini7 Solid Paint Markers'