b'Cool Gel Heat barrier sprayProtects lead free valves during solderingReduces the threat of costly heat damage to rubber seals and gasketsProtects painted and finished surfaces from discoloration due to torch heat Safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin, and odorlessSurfaces:PART NO.SIZECASE QUANTITYPART NO.SIZECASE QUANTITY 11509 1 qt.12115131 pt.24Bloc-It Heat-absorbing pasteAbsorbs heat effectively, protecting adjoining surfaces from heat damageSafe, non-toxic, no asbestos, harmless to skin, and odorlessEasy application and cleanup; non-stainingSurfaces:PART NO.SIZECASE QUANTITY 11511 10 oz.24Anti-heat Heat-absorbing compoundAbsorbs and dissipates heat to eliminate damage and discolorationPrevents heat migration through metal surfacesNon-toxic and non-hazardousAsbestos-free and odorlessSurfaces:PART NO.SIZECASE QUANTITY 24003 12 oz. Tube1Heat Barriers 8'