b'60HEAT BARRIER PRODUCTSCool Gel BLOC-IT Anti-HeatHeat barrier spray Heat-absorbing paste Heat-absorbingcompound Protects lead free valves during solderingAbsorbs heat effectively, protectingReduces the threat of costly heat adjoining surfaces from heat damageAbsorbs and dissipates heat todamage to rubber seals and gasketsSafe, non-toxic, no asbestos, harmlesseliminate damage and discoloration Protects components and materialsto skin, and odorlessPrevents heat migration through metal during soldering to avoid heat damageEasy application and cleanup;surfaces Protects painted and finished surfacesnon-stainingNon-toxic and non-hazardousfrom discoloration due to torch heatAsbestos-free and odorless Unique gelled formula sticks to surfaces Adheres to horizontal, vertical andwithout dripping or running off overhead surface Clear, non-staining gel leaves noresidue, eliminating cleanup Safe, non-toxic, harmless to skin,and odorlessPart No.SizeCase Quantity Case Quantity 24 Case Quantity 1115131 pt.24 Part No.Size Part No.Size 115091 qt.12 1151110 oz. 2400312 oz. Tube'