b'Paintstik+ Fast DryFast-drying solid paint crayonMarks dry within 5 minutes on wet, oily, dry, andrough surfacesQuick-drying marks allow for immediate handlingwithout smearingEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard holder protectsPaintstik for maximum useStandardSizeCase Quantity: 72-50F TO 17mm 5min 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION82721 YellowPaintstik+ GalvanizerMarks are removed in the galvanizing processMarks remove in pickling baths to allow excellent adhesion for zinc coatingSuperior marking on rough, rusty, oily, or smooth surfaces compared to liquid paint markersSolid paint crayon makes wide, bold marks for instant identificationCase Quantity: 14417mm 12h 0F TO 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION83420 White Zephyr Wear-resistant, water-solubleWater-soluble for easy removal from glass and othernon-porous surfacesWider, more wear-resistant marks than Paintstik+ Water Removable FineMarks will not damage surface or ghost after removalEasy-to-hold, recyclable paperboard holder protectsPaintstik for maximum useCase Quantity: 14417mm 12h -50F TO 150F Surfaces:PART NO. DESCRIPTION51321 Yellow5 Solid Paint Markers'