b'LA-CO Industries creates specialized products that are RIGHT FOR THE JOB. From general marking tools to markers made especially for the unique needs of your 2 job, and from temperature indicators to industrialcoatings and chemicals, youll find the products thatLA-CO INDUSTRIES, INCORPORATEDwill always perform to your professional standards. MARKAL No other marker manufacturer has the quality, the precision, and the range of products for professionals and general industry as Markal. Made in the USA, and manufactured to deliver outstanding results, Markal is the industrys marking standard. TEMPIL From Tempilstik to Bloxide, Tempil is known worldwide as the performance leader in temperature indicating, monitoring, and coatings. Professionals depend onTempils precision and technical capabilities, making each Tempil product exactly RIGHT FOR THE JOB.LA-CO Providing quality products for the plumbing, pipefitting, HVAC, and maintenance operations professional,LA-CO is a global leader in chemicals for a wide rangeof applications and solutions.'