b'55PIPE THREAD SEALANTSPIPETITE Paste PIPETITE-Stik OXY-TITESoft set pipe thread Thread sealant in a stick Pipe thread sealant for compound oxygen systems Pressures: 350 PSI (24 BAR) for gas;Pressures: 2,600 PSI (177 BAR) for gas;2,000 PSI (136 BAR) for liquidPTFE thread sealant specifically5,000 PSI (340 BAR) for liquidSealing temperature: up to formulated for oxygen services Sealing temperature: up to350F (177C)Pressures: 2,600 PSI (180 BAR) for400F (204C)Safe, non-toxic, non-drying oxygen gas No V.O.C.sDO NOT USE ON OXYGEN SERVICE; USE Sealing temperature: -320F to 450FDO NOT USE ON OXYGEN SERVICE; USEOXY-TITE PASTE OR SLIC-TITE PTFE TAPE (-196C to 232C)OXY-TITE PASTE OR SLIC-TITE PTFE TAPENo V.O.C.sVOCCase Quantity 24 Part No.SizeCase Quantity Case Quantity 6Part No.Size11175 Standard Size - 1-1/4 oz. 144 Part No.Size 121091/4 pt. Brush-in-cap11176King Size - 4 oz. 72 428054 oz.121101/2 pt. Brush-in-cap'