b'Roll-resistant caps 13Composed of sturdy plastic, theseINK MARKERSimpact-resistant caps are designed to offer a quick and complete seal to prevent premature dry-out. The convenient clip-caps help themarkers to store easily in a pocketor tool belt, and resist rolling off ofa table or workbench.Durable and lightweight barrelsLightweight enough to reduce hand fatigue, but large enough to be used comfortably even with work gloves, these impact-resistant barrels willhold up in tough working environ-ments and help to extend the lifeof the marker. Extra-tough tipsWhether marking on cardboard or steel, the extra-tough tips resist spreading or mushrooming,ensuring long life and accuratemarking performance.Wear-resistantink formulaFormulated to dry quickly and leave bold, highly-visible marks, theindustrial grade ink is safe for useon almost any surface and is wear- and water-resistant.INK MARKERS Preferred for their ability to immediately mark and dry on almost Industry Usesany type of surface, felt-tip ink markersMetal fabricationConstructioncan be found on almost any job site, inAutomotive and other transportationShipping supplyany factory, or throughout warehousesTextileAviation and aerospaceand shipping departments around the Surface Usesworld. Our line of DURA-INK markers MetalCardboardutilize industrial-grade construction, Pipes and tubesPlastictips, and long-lasting inks, making them GlassLumber and timberideal for use in almost any application. Cloth, fabric (textiles)'